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Posted on: July 25th, 2013 by mok

Induction Lamp vs LED

Comparative Analysis

Induction lighting vs MHL.HPS.HPM
Comparison Items Induction Lamps   MHL    HPS  HPM
Warranty  5 (years)  1 (years)  1 (years)  1 (years)
Life 100,000 hrs 6,000 – 2,000hrs(short life time  because electrode works underhigh temp up to 1200) 24,000hrs(short life time because electrode works under hightemp up to1200) 3,000 – 6,000hrs(short life time because electrode works under high temp up to 1200)
Energy Saving Efficiency Excellent Lower Lower Lower
Photopic/efficacy: Traditional/efficacy:Pupil lumen:lumen: 150plm/w80lm/w150plm/w


Lumen  Depreciation Rate(%)2000hrs(%) 5% 40% 30% 45%
Lamp Temperature ≤80Reduce a/c cost ≤300Increase  a/c cost   ≤350Increase  a/c cost  ≤300Increase  a/c cost
CRI ≥80 (Ra)   60-90(Ra)         60(Ra)  Lower45(Ra)
Restart Instantly  Up to 10-15minutes   Up to 10-15minutes    Up to 10-15minutes
Flicke    None Much Much Much
Glare None Much Much Much
Environment No mercury no many waste lamp in 10 years Much concerns Mercury many waste lamps Much concerns Mercury many waste lamp Much concerns Mercury many waste lamps
Dimmer OK NO NO NO

Payback Template

Induction Energy Savings Current Bulb, Ballast and Maintenance Savings
Fixture Type 400W MH Fixture Type Parking Lot
Total # Fixtures 100 Total # Fixtures 100
Current Fixture & Ballast Wattage 450 Current Lamp Type 400W MH
Total Current kW (Watt x Qty / 1000) 45 Lamp Cost / Fixt.  $      65.00
Induction Wattage / Fixture 210 Current Lamp Life (hrs) 20,000
Total Induction kW (In W x Qty / 2000) 21 Current Ballast Life (hrs) 20,000
Daily Hours “ON” 12 Total Lamp Cost (unit $ x qty) $6,500.00
Total Days/yr 365 Lamp Life Cycle (yrs) 4.57
Annual Hours “ON” (days x hrs) 4380 Induction Life Cycle (yrs) 13.70
Current Annual kWH (In kW x hrs) 197,100 Re-Lamp Savings ( in/lamp life x cost)  $   19,500.00
Induction Annual kWH (in kW x hrs) 91,980 Relamp Labor $ / Fixture  $        30.00
Annual kWH SAVED (current – induction kWH) 105,120 Re-Lamp Cost (total labour x lamp saving/yr)  $   9,000.00
kWH Cost  $     0.12 Unit Ballast Costs  $       85.00
Current Energy Costs  $ 23,652.00 Unit Ballast Labor Cost  $       40.00
Induction Energy Costs  $11,037.60 Ballast Cost (Total ballast cost x diff in lifespan)  $  21,250.00
ANNUAL ENERGY COST SAVINGS  $ 12,614.40 Ballast Labor (Total labout x diff in lifespan)  $     10,000.00
Annual A/C Savings (30%):  $     - Total Current Fixture Maintenance Cost / Induction Savings  $   59,750.00
Annual Energy Savings  $  12,614.40
Life Expectancy of Induction Lamps (yrs) 13.70
Installed Induction Price / Fixture: $550.00 Total Induction Energy Savings  $172,800.00
A/C Savings: Bulb, Ballast & Maintenance Savings  $   59,750.00
 If air conditioned  (0),  otherwise (1) 0 Total Return on Investment  $         232,550.00
Total Cost to Retrofit Induction Technology  $     55,000.00
Total Net Savings  $    177,550.00
Annual Rate of Return on Investment: 30.87%
Lbs. of  CO2 Emissions Saved: 37,896,768









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