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Chillers – Auto tube cleaning


Posted on: July 23rd, 2013 by mok

Chiller consumes the most significant amount of energy as such even a small  saving becomes significant.  Saving of 10 – 20% saving has been reported with the use of auto tube cleaning system. Every 1 deg F reduction of Condenser approach temp = about 1.5% energy saving.

Ball Technic System

Ball Technic System



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Green Building Index (GBI rating)  Download PDF File

EE6 Advanced Energy Performance – Up to a max of 15 pt if  save up to ≤ 150 kWh/m3yr  keeping heat exchanger always clean and maintaining a constant condenser approach temperature.

IN1 Innovation in Design & Environmental Design Initiatives up to 1 pt – Auto-condenser tube cleaning system (fitted to plant equipment serving at least 50% of total capacity)


Advantage over Brush Systems

1.  Save significant pressure drop (energy savings) of  brush inside and baskets on the two ends of each tube.

2.  Eliminate brush / baskets falling out as debris to system.

3.  Eliminate need for the large divertor valve that is expensive to maintain and replace.  Can be user maintained.

4.  No need to wait till chiller on standby mode as it does not trip chiller during wash cycle.

Advantage over other ball systems

1.  Long ball lifespan of 2000 hrs as it only need to circulate once every hour instead of continuously.

2.  Eliminate the need for pump, saving energy.

3.  Does not short the hot to the cold side, saving energy.

4.   Has a viewing window to count any missing or wear out balls.


Tender Specification Guide

An auto tube clean system shall eliminate  the need for manual tube cleaning, keeps the condenser approach temperature always low and guarantees a constantly optimum chiller energy efficiency. During the cleaning cycle, it should not trip the chiller. It shall  induce minimal pressure drop, shall not short the warm water back to the cool side or requires additional pump  that consumes electricity.  The system shall maintain a fouling factor not exceeding 0.00025 ft2 °F hr/Btu at any one time. Fouling matter shall be automatically purged out of the tube and the condenser water after each cycle.  The media shall be gently soft but have a heavy duty lifespan of 2000 hours. Changing of media can be done in 5 minutes by the users themselves without having to shut off down the chiller.    Vendor shall be competent  and  a certified energy manager endorsed by Suruhanjaya Tenaga.



Brand / Model

Ball Technic

Fouling factor limit

0.00025 ft2 ºF hr/Btu

Trips chiller


Observation window for media


Pressure drop induced


Shorts hot water to cold side


Additional pumps required


Diverter valves required


Purge fouling collected away


Energy Manger Certification


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