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Posted on: July 23rd, 2013 by mok

 * Click Picture to Download Brochure
Return Grill Air Cleaner  F52GF52G b
Duct Mount (Side loading)
F50                 F58F explode



AHU Mount (Front Loading)

F58G group

F58G ( double cell 2000 cfm)                                                 F58H ( single cell 1000 cfm)

F58G        F58H

Weight : 37lbs      Electrical : 36W

 Performance Curve


F58G  Download Brochure - Used as an upgrade of the conventional filters, it prevent smoke from degrading the efficiency of the cooling coils and prevent smoke from being recirculating back to the supply air, thus eliminate the hazy effect within the air conditioned enclosure.  Each filter module of abt 2×2 panel is good for up to 2,000 cfm.

Tender Specification Guide

Where indoor air quality is expected to be of concern, independent mounted air cleaners shall be provided for areas which are serviced by any centralized air cleaner system.

Model selected shall be ceiling flushed type where there is false ceiling space available and ceiling exposed type where there is no false ceiling.  Sufficient quantities and capacity shall be provided to ensure that there is at least 3 Air Change per Hour (ACH) for personal room without smoking,  6 ACH (office without smoking), 8 ACH (where food is served), 12 ACH ( light smoking) and 20 (heavy contamination process).  Vendor shall provide sizing calculation for engineers verification. Ceiling mounted air cleaners shall be slim and compact, not  thicker than 13”.  Noise level at high shall not exceed 60 dB. Filter shall be washable for repeated use and no filter placement shall be necessary. Each filter shall have a dust holding capacity of not less than 72 plates.  Electronic power supply shall not be sealed, allowing it to be locally repaired at fractional cost. Vendor shall exhibit facilities for the power supply repair and backup inventory and historicals.

Where portables are necessary / preferred by client, it shall have a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating of not less than 450 certified by AHAM.

Test and commissioning shall done with an 8 parameter IAQ monitor to ensure the installation performance complies to the Malaysian Indoor Air Quality Code of Practice.

Vendor shall exhibit power supply repair facility, sparepart backup inventory support, 8 parameter IAQ monitoring equipment for testing, servicing facility using at least a 30KW steam blaster. Vendor shall be a competent personal in  IAQ recognized by DOSH.


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