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Towards Green Building

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Towards Green Building

Steam Pressure Cleaner


Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by mok

To comply to ISO 14000,  used of chemicals and it’s disposal can be task.  Now you can remove stains without chemicals in a fast and efficient manner.  Steam at high but controlled temperatures melts oil and blast it away with minimal pressure, saving physical wear and tear, and chemical corrosion damage.  High power system provides instant heating to produce steam which is continuous,  eliminating the need for storage tank and it’s boiling time. No need for engine, as such there is no engine smoke emission that can contaminate the building internal enclosure. The high temperature also sterilizes while it cleans, requires little water and produces little water run offs to dispose.  No back splashing also spare the environment form secondary staining.

  • No need Tank
  • No fume emission
  • Faster & cleaner job
  • Sterilizes & dissolves grease
  • No / less chemical corrosion
  • Less damaging
  • Less water /run off
  • No back splashing




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